The next-generation cryptocurrencies trading platform

Take your trading to the next level with MTBIT. Experience our finest multi-cryptocurrencies wallet, state-of-the-art matching engine and the highest level of security in the industry.

Our Services

Digital Asset Trading Platform

Highly scalable system. Extremely low-latency, high-performance matching engine. Ready for insutitional investors.

Multi-Currencies Wallets

Decentralized and Centralized wallet. Supporting 100+ cryptocurrencies. Highest level of industrial security.

Blockchain for Enterprises

One-stop services to facilitate blockchain services in fields of finance, credit reporting, logistics, medical care, entertainment, and secure storage.


We are a global service provider of blockchain technology, offers blockchain systems such as digital asset trading solutions, wallet SaaS service solutions, and customized public blockchain service for enterprises. Based on the incessant iteration by massive and booming business, MTBIT has the ability to provide secure, stable, reliable, and worldwide one-stop service from fundamental framework to elaborate operation.